Can I get Areola Incision Surgery?

areola incision breast implants madagascarWomen are god’s greatest creation.Here’s a bible verse on how a woman is made; The LORD God fashioned into a woman the rib which He had taken from the man, and brought her to the man.The man said, “This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh; She shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.”Today, women can play god and make desired changes to their body with the help of cosmetic surgery. In this article, I’ll explain how Areola incision surgery is performed.

Areola incision is also known as Periareolar breast augmentation or ‘nipple’ incision. One of the common misconception about areola incision is the area of incision. The procedure provides a more natural contour to breasts.The incision region is near nipple. Surgeon would initiate the surgery by infusing patient with anaesthesia for comfort and safety. Then, incision is made around the nipple region or to be specific at the lower edge of the areola. Since the area around nipple is darker then rest of the skin, incision which are made would be almost non-visible. Surgeon then places the implants.After placing the implants, incision is closed with hidden, dissolvable suture, and if there are any wounds, they are covered with tissue, gauze and with a small clear dressing.Complete surgical time of areola incision is around three hours. Surgery is not advised to young women in their early twenties, as the surgical area becomes more sensitive. The women might experience some trouble in breast feeding. The skin at the breast region will alsoget smooth, but if you want to be take care of your skin you could also use treatments from the 10naturalhomeremedies site online that works greatly for this.And women can achieve lifted cleavage with areola incision procedure.

Body requires some time to fully recover from surgery. One’s your surgery is finished you’ll be kept under monitoring period for a day or two. You must be accompanied by a relative or a friend to help you during this phase. During the initial stages of recovery, you must avoid any rigorous activities like exercise, swimming and driving. Taking complete rest and avoiding any stressful activity is also necessary. You should also wear the post-operative bra or something similar like sports bra for proper healing. Many patients do go back to their desk jobs after five to seven days of resting period, but if you have a high intense job, then you should ask your surgeon what would be the appropriate recovery period. Alluremedspa is popular choice for areola incision procedure among Madagascar women. The big pull is Dr.Milan Doshi, who is world renowned celebrity cosmetic surgeon. Call us today, to book consultation or for more information on areola incision procedure.

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